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Restoring Metropolitan Chicago Synod

Resources Regarding Planning to Return to Physical Worship

Restoring MCS is a set of guidelines and suggestions for churches discerning what reopening for in-person worship and activity will look for them as the State of Illinois phases-in, and as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. This document includes helpful worksheets and tools helpful for building each congregation’s unique plan. To augment your use of Restoring MCS, you may also wish to view the webinar on the document, linked below.

In-Person Worship Considerations Summary (PDF) →

En español (PDF y Google Folder) →

Restoring Metropolitan Chicago Synod (PDF) →

Restoring Metropolitan Chicago Synod (Google Doc) →

A recording of the video webinar on Restoring MCS →


Recently Updated

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Opening Churches Safely, by Dr. Deborah Burnet (5/13/2020) →

Map of Testing Sites in the Metro Chicago Area (updated regularly) →

ELCA Info Video for Churches on the Paycheck Protection Program (4/10/2020) →

Mission Investment Fund and ELCA Federal Credit Union Info-Letter (4/03/2020) →

Information about the Paycheck Protection Program (4/02/2020) →

Información importante sobre el Programa de Protección de Cheques de Pago (4/04/2020) →

An Introduction to the CARE Act and FFCRA for Churches (3/31/2020) →

Dr. Deborah Burnet (Chief of General Medicine at the University of Chicago and a member of Faith Lutheran in Homewood, Illinois) explains how staying home means staying healthy. →

General Resources

Faith community practices in general, from the Centers for Disease Control →

Ideas for ways to sustain community, worship, and prayer apart from or in addition to physically gathering →

Chicago Stay at Home Order FAQs (From the City of Chicago) →

Clear Informational Video about COVID-19 from Dr. Emily Landon (U of C) →

Mental Health Resources- For Children, Youth & Families →

Zoom for Congregational Use →

Vanco Mobile eGiving Tools →

Givelify Online Giving →

ELCA- Worship in Times of Public Health Concerns →

ELCA- Worship at Home Resources →

Faith Formation at Home

Faith Five- for all ages →

Taking Faith Home →

Illustrated Ministry →

For Youth/Young Adults- Faith Lens →

For Adults- Daily Discipleship →

Daily Faith Practices →

Curated Faith Formation Resources for Home & Congregation →

Medical Resources

Advocate Aurora Health Info Page →

Advocate Aurora Health Faith and Health Partnerships →

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