Mission Interpreters

I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first.

– Revelation 2:19

Become a mission interpreter

Mission interpreters, volunteers from congregations in each synod of the ELCA, tell the story of how our offerings and gifts are transformed into effective ministries. They remind us of how we make a difference in Christ’s mission and the work of the church, and they thank our people for their faithful giving.

This is primarily done through temple talks, visits with councils and committees, and helping in any way they are asked to share information, provide resources, and give guidance on doing God’s work at the congregational, synodical, and churchwide expressions. They also develop connections between the ELCA membership and its leadership and mission. Mission interpreters are trained in the various aspects of church ministry and mission and have the resources available to carry them out as a member of the ELCA.

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What Are the Qualifications?
  • Be faith-filled, loving Christ and the church.
  • Be knowledgeable about the ELCA.
  • Be an active member of a congregation.
  • Be a strong steward.
  • Be willing to attend training sessions.


Congregations Benefit from Mission Interpreters

When members understand their identity as partners in a wider church, they become strong advocates supporting the mission and ministry we share beyond the congregations, through the synod and then on through the churchwide organization.

The Mission Interpreter Ministry helps congregations by increasing the understanding of the work we do together beyond the congregation. By looking beyond the congregation, members see how they are personally connected to mission and ministry around the world!

“Mission minded” congregations are growing in membership and spirit!

Mission Interpreters Receive:
  • Training Workshops
  • Resource Materials
  • Coaching
  • Inspiration
  • Networking
  • Annual Gathering to share ideas and information


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To find out more about the Mission Interpreters Network email Ken Olson, Mission Interpreter Coordinator

Mission Memos

TitleCategoriesDate Publishedmediacat_hfilter
Mission Memo #473 — April 14, 20202020-04-14mission-memos
Mission Memo #474 — April 21, 20202020-04-21mission-memos
Mission Memo #475 — April 28, 20202020-12-28mission-memos
Mission Memo #476 — May 5, 20202020-05-05mission-memos
Mission Memo #477 — May 12, 20202020-05-12mission-memos
Mission Memo #478 — May 19, 20202020-05-19mission-memos
Mission Memo #479 — May 28, 20202020-05-28mission-memos
Mission Memo #480 — June 2, 20202020-06-02mission-memos
Mission Memo #481 — June 9, 20202020-06-09mission-memos
Mission Memo #482 — June 16, 20202020-06-16mission-memos
Mission Memo #495 — September 16, 20202020-09-16mission-memos
Mission Memo #496 — September 22, 20202020-09-22mission-memos
Mission Memo #497 — September 30, 20202020-09-30mission-memos
Mission Memo #498 — October 7, 20202020-10-07mission-memos
Mission Memo #499 — October 14, 20202020-10-14mission-memos
Mission Memo #500 — October 21, 20202020-10-21mission-memos
Mission Memo #501 — October 27, 20202020-10-27mission-memos
Mission Memo #502 — November 4, 20202020-11-04mission-memos
Mission Memo #503 — November 10, 20202020-11-10mission-memos
Mission Memo #504 — November 24, 20202020-11-24mission-memos
Mission Memo #510 – January 5, 20212021-01-05mission-memos
Mission Memo #512 – January 20, 20212021-01-20mission-memos
Mission Memo #513 – January 27, 20212021-01-27mission-memos
Mission Memo #514 – February 2, 20212021-02-02mission-memos
Mission Memo #515- February 9, 20212021-02-09mission-memos
Mission Memo #516 – February 16, 20212021-03-16mission-memos
Mission Memo #517 – February 23, 20212021-02-23mission-memos
Mission Memo #510 – January 5, 20212021-01-05mission-memos
Mission Memo #518 – March 3, 20212021-03-03mission-memos
Mission Memo #519 – March 9, 20212021-03-09mission-memos
Mission Memo #513 – January 27, 20212021-01-27mission-memos
Mission Memo #514 – February 2, 20212021-02-02mission-memos
Mission Memo #515 – February 9, 20212021-02-09mission-memos
Mission Memo #516 – February 16, 20210000-00-00mission-memos
Mission Memo #566 – July 12, 20222022-07-12mission-memos
Mission Memo #567 – July 19, 20222022-07-19mission-memos
Mission Memo #568 – August 2, 20222022-08-02mission-memos


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