Synod Assembly

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.

– 1 Peter 4:10


35th Annual Assembly:

In Jesus’ Name. Proclaim the Gospel.

June 3-4, 2022


Proposed Amendments to the Synod Constitution

Consistent with †S18.13. and †S18.21. of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod, notice is hereby given that the 2022 Assembly of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod will consider amendments to the Metropolitan Chicago Synod Constitution and Bylaws, as recommended by the Metropolitan Synod Council. A copy of the proposed amendments will be included with the 2022 Book of Reports and is also available HERE. A brief description of recommended amendments will also be included with the 2022 Book of Reports and is available HERE. Synod council is also working on a rationale document, which will be published as soon as it’s available.

Thank you,
Erin Clausen
Secretary, Metropolitan Chicago Synod Council

Report on the 33rd and 34th Annual Assembly

Metropolitan Chicago Synod, ELCA

Meeting virtually in assembly on June 5, 2021, from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Naperville, Illinois, the morning began with a litany and song, followed by a framing of the Assembly by Bishop Yehiel Curry, who described the “good stew” that results when each, from their own context and community, brings their best gifts forward for the good of all. This reflection introduced the full bishop’s address later in the morning. This framing was augmented by video highlights of new missions and mission stories throughout the virtual assembly. The Bishop also announced the release of new funds for a new Congregational Recovery Grant, and Ministry From the Margin funds, as well as the opportunity for participation in various working groups in the synod.

Mr. Terry Henderson and Pr. Erin Clausen were reelected on the first ballots as Vice President and Secretary to the Synod Council, respectively, each committing to another term. Ms. Mary Richardson was presented with the Sunergos Award by Vice President Terry Henderson.

A proposed budget was passed, and amendments to the MCS constitution were passed, as recommended by the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Elections to synod council, the committees on discipline and consultation, and for voting members to the Churchwide Assembly, were conducted using Eballot software. In the election results below, PC/L indicates People of Color or People Whose Language is Other Than English. The conference of each nominee is indicated in parentheses.

Elected as lay MCS voting members to Churchwide Assembly were: Selene Partida (Near West);  Ariolye Frost (Northeast) PC/L; Sherri D’Agostino (West); Ismael Calderon (North) PC/L;  John Nicholas (Northwest); Zachary Howell (Southwest); Elisabeth Trost (Northeast); and  Frank Imhoff (Northwest); Yvette Newberry White (South) PC/L; and Kayshawn Colbert Jones (Near West) PC/L (Youth Delegate).

Elected as rostered voting members to Churchwide Assembly were: the Rev. Erin Clausen (Near West); the Rev. Alison Bengfort (Northeast); the Rev. Jason Glombicki (Central); the Rev. Nathan Klein (Southwest); and the Rev. Lester White (South) PC/L.

Elected a lay members of synod council were: Kristina Adamczeski (Near West); Nancy Arnesen (West); Ivan Perez (Central) PC/L; and Robert Langlois (Northwest).

Elected as rostered members to synod council were: the Rev. Maria Rojas-Banda (Near West) PC/L; the Rev. Joel Lohafer (Northwest); and the Rev. Lester White (South) PC/L.

Elected to the Committee on Consultation were: Barbara Hiller (Northeast) and Thomas Weglarz (North).

Elected to the Committee on Discipline were: Wayne Giampietro (North); Angela Bell (Southwest); the Rev. Melody Eastman (West); the Rev. Carla Powell (Central); and the Rev. Josh Evans (Northeast).

The Assembly concluded with a brief litany, prayer, and song.

Both the entire assembly as well as the Bishop’s Address on its own may be viewed on the MCS YouTube page. Detailed results of the First General Ballot may be found at this link.  The evaluative survey which was sent out after the event to gather feedback about the first ever MCS virtual assembly may be found at this link. The Book of Reports may be found at this link.

The Synod Assembly Team and leadership would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many leaders, volunteers, and pinch hitters who managed to make this assembly a success. We’d also like to thank Good Shepherd, once again, for the use of their space, their staff, and their technologies. We could not have pulled this off without the help of each and every person who pitched in. Thank you!

Metropolitan Chicago Synod Office

Ph: 773-248-0021

Address: 1420 W. Dickens Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614

In Jesus’ name: we proclaim the gospel, make disciples, do justice.


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